tracking motorcycles

Our tracking motorcycles are equipped for flexible tracking where, speed and agility are required. Ideal for city centre shoots or sports events.

electric tracking

100% silent tracking is possible with our fully electric tracking vehicles. 

live broadcast

From live RF transmission to full streaming capabilities our vehicles are all equipped with live broadcast capabilities.

Yamaha Super Tenere 1100XT Tracking Motorcycles

Fully Rigged Tracking Motos

Tried and tested, our Yamaha Super Tenere motorcycle fleet provide a strong, stable platform over many different types of terrain and style of shoot. Highly adaptable rigging and power options enable camera crew to get the closer to the heart of the action than is possible with more traditional styles of tracking vehicle.

Available at all our worldwide bases.

Cycling Shoots

The ideal moto to shoot cycling events, stable at slow speeds, nimble on descents 

On road/Rough Road

Fully road legal with off-road tyre options for rougher terrain.

Rigged For Live

Each moto is fully equipped for RF and streaming broadcasts. On board power, front and rear transmissions masts are ready to be equipped.

Onboard Comms

Fully equipped with onboard comms to enable both pilot and camera op to communicate with the whole crew.

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100% Electric Tracking Motorcycles

All the functionality of a petrol tracking moto with zero emissions. Ideal for marathon, triathlon and shoots where low volume tracking is required.

Available at UK, Europe & North America Bases


The BMW C-Evo has quickly become a standard for use on marathon and other running events due to its capabilities at slow speed and zero emissions.

Low Speed Tracking

The BMW C-Evo is smooth and stable at slow speeds with an auto gearbox removing the chance of any loss of stability during gear changes.

On Road / Off Road

Road legal motos with the ability to be used on tracks and pathways subject to approvals.

Long Range Batteries

Leach C-evo is equipped with long range batteries for extended periods without the need to charge.

What We Do

We fully customise our service to the unique requirements of each shoot. A little of what we can do across the world is illustrated here:

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